Nasi Liwet – Rice with a Poetic Asian Soul

Nasi Liwet - Rice with Poetic Asian Soul

Traditionally different in various parts of Java, but the main star of this rice dish is the savory build up of flavors from chicken stock and coconut milk as they’re brought to boil and slow cook the rice to a succulent soft texture. With help from the aromatic salam leaves and a gentle touch of lemon grass, this rice dish take flavors to rocket in our pallet with no help of any side dishes at all. But this time round a crunch of dried salted teri fish and deep fried shallots and garlic are brought in the mix giving the combination a perfect balance to flavors and texture. Welcome to Asia, this is Indonesia.


Simply Spicy – Ikan Woku Daun


Spicy Hot just doesn’t cut it for this dish. As soon as a spoon of the tender flesh of this smoked and steamed freshwater carp that was previously smothered in Minahasa specific crushed chilly and various other spice, and wrapped in coconut leaves, touches the palate, the extreme heat sensation barges through burning the whole palate but all the while bringing a unique taste of sweet smoke fish.. Totally sensational.. When you’ve never had spicy food addiction before, this is where you’ll find a brush hint of that addiction, where getting hooked to spicy kicks in, where never getting enough is all about.. Simply spicy

Nike.. And It’s Not Always About Sports Apparel…

Nike.. And It's Not Always About Sports Apparel...

Nike or pronounced ‘Nee-Kae’, are tiny freshwater fish, indigenous to North Minahasa of the Northern island of Sulawesi, within the Indonesian archipelago. Most commonly deep-fried in a floury batter with spring onions and unique Minahasa herbs to spice up the taste. Together with dash of spicy ‘Roa Sambal’ (smoked Roa fish in chilly sauce) makes this fried dish an amazing side-dish to accompany the Tinutuan (the indigenous porridge of rice and pumpkin), and to round things up; a good local cup of thick dark coffee for a cultural North Sulawesi adventure breakfast.

T H E A R C H I P E L A G O Chef Ganesha Pideksa

T H E    A R C H I P E L A G O Chef Ganesha Pideksa

Housed at Chef Andre Setiono’s Hungry Kitten cafe & resto.. An intriguing adventure across the Indonesian Archipelago with your palate, through exotic Indonesian indigenous molecular gastronomy presented in French Modern Cuisines is a genuine tropical adventure guided by Chef Ganesha Pideksa.. Exquisitely extravagant.. hats off to the Chefs..